As The Flame Withers

out 25 January 2021 on VINYL / CD / DIGITAL


As The Flame Withers CD

As The Flame Withers CD-digipack

As The Flame Withers LP (ORANGE/RED)

As The Flame Withers LP (BLACK)

The Red Crown Turns Black T-SHIRT

Yoth Iria – Yoth Iria

Yoth Iria – The Red Crown Turns Black

Yoth Iria – Visions of the Dead Lovers

Yoth Iria – Sid Ed Djinn

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Yoth Iria
Yoth Iria
Thank you for the great reviews!
Yoth Iria
Yoth Iria
A highly competent and flawlessly executed black metal album that owes a lot to more traditional heavy metal in terms of song structure, production style and guitar melodies.
Yoth Iria
Yoth Iria
Only 21 days left until As the flame withers is unleashed upon the world!
P.S.t. The album will NOT be available from the band. Pls contact the label.